Hidden Truths Update

Well, my Kindle Scout campaign ended yesterday.  Final results:  less than stellar.  Which was completely expected. 🙂

For everyone that loves the details.  (I’m one of them!) I had a grand total of 245 page views (not entirely certain how many of those equated to nominations, less than would be my logical conclusion.)  I spent a total of 44 hours on the Hot and Trending list, basically my last 44 hours on Scout when I landed on the front page in the Ending Soon category.  Which surprised me because I had 41 and 47 page views respectively on my last two days.  I would not have thought that would be enough to put me on the Hot and Trending list at all.

Currently Hidden Truths is “In Review” which in my mind means give us a couple of days to tell you no.  I’ll let you know what the final answer is but when (if) I get the no, I plan to put Hidden Truths up for pre-order immediately with a release date of Sept. 1st.

Now, off the write the next Great American Novel! Ha, who am I kidding?  More like my next guilty pleasure….

Goodreads Giveaway Update

I’m completely shocked at how many people entered my giveaway!  I had over a thousand entries each for Finding Ford and Chasing Colt!  Hopefully a few of those who added it to their shelf will find themselves reading my books.  Lol.  I can only hope.

Next up is the final results for Hidden Truths!  Eeek!  Stay tuned!

Hidden Truths

I finished Hidden Truths, a paranormal young adult romance/mystery. Whew. That’s a mouthful. I decided to throw it on Kindle Scout for some exposure and a chance for Amazon to pick it up for publishing. It’ll be out there until June 26th. Either way I’ll publish it since I’m kinda proud of it.
Check out the link and consider nominating it. Either way Kindle Scout is a cool program for people that like to discover new books. If a book you nominate gets published you get a free copy of the book!

Summer Anthem

Summer is the time when I want to turn the radio up loud, roll down my windows and pretend I can sing.

Those feelings are what inspired my current project.  Three friends, one epic summer and the song that defines it best for them.

Follow along with Bianca, Chloe, and Abby as they discover how much can change over a summer.