Prepare yourself!

Average Jane is coming! Tomorrow in fact, unless of course you’re on the other side of the world and tomorrow is already here. I’m rambling , but in my defense I’m pretty darn excited. Something about this story demanded I write it. In fact it pushed other projects I was working on to the back burner and now I’m rushing to catch up on deadlines. But it was worth it!
Average Jane has been described as a Cinderella story and looking back at it, I can see how the comparison works. But when I started writing all I could see was a damaged man looking for a chance at redemption and the young woman that had no clue she would be the key to it.
I fully admit I love a good romance. It’s why I write them exclusively. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, problems arise, but in the end love prevails.
Love prevails.
Two words to live by.
I hope all of you will take a chance on Average Jane and love it as much as I loved writing it. It was truly fun to write and I fell completely in love with Ian, Michael, and Buster and I hope you feel the same.
Happy reading!

Average Jane

2 thoughts on “Prepare yourself!

  1. Yvonne Martinez says:

    I loved the book Average Jane. I loved how Jane & Ian were perfect for each other but now I want to know more about Michael Wright? He now needs his own story to be told. Please consider writing his story.


  2. Kristin Coley says:

    No worries! Average Jane started out as a single story, but Michael became a bigger part of it and demanded his own book! I will be writing his story and hope to have it out this year. It’ll take a special woman to put up with him! 🙂


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